30 Years | Engagement Team
Corporate strategy and management executive

Four time CFO with over 30 years' experience. Successfully managed turnarounds, integrations, and substantial growth which encompassed over 60 transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, venture financings and IPOs. Highly regarded leader of company transformations and transitions in corporate culture. Drove effective company communication plans yielding cultural changes to support company transitions in challenging turnarounds as well as exciting growth scenarios.
20 Year | Representative Director
Accounting and finance strategy

More than 20 years' experience in all areas of accounting and finance, both as a senior corporate executive for global companies and as a Big Four partner. She has extensive experience in the full extent of CFO and accounting functions across a wide range of industries.
19 Years | Representative Director
Transaction advisory

19 years of experience in transaction advisory, strategy consulting, and private equity, focusing on complex, multi-part transactions and joint ventures in the technology and telecom industries.He frequently works as an advisor to Strategy and Corporate Development departments within large firms, and has performed a broad range of investment and advisory functions including business modeling decision support, financial modeling, structuring term sheets, due diligence, transaction effectiveness, and integration support.
16 Years | Representative Director
Business strategy

16 years of experience in business strategy and analytics roles as both an advisor and operator. Former senior strategy executive at private equity owned $6b revenue media company.Focus areas include international growth strategy, category management, vertical integration, roadmap development, and strategic partnerships.
20 Years | Representative Director
Operational & deal strategy

Over 20 years of experience ranging from deal team investment professional for a large New York-based global hedge fund to advisory services providing valuation of businesses and related assets. Seasoned investment professional with extensive experience in significant complex transactions including carve-outs, and unique deal arrangements.
34 Years | Technology Lead
Technical diligence

A recognized leader in cloud system design, cloud architecture, software development, and architecture across both hybrid Cloud and Distribution, and high volume scaled cloud systems. With over 34 years experience in product and technology development, he provides technical diligence in all aspects of technology organization and capability.
12 Years | Commercial Lead
Strategy and operations

An experienced strategy and operations professional based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His focus is commercial diligence, tightly integrated with technology diligence. Delivering market characteristic reports and direct opportunities based on technology platform capabilities – direct industry assessment, customer data quality, and product Capex/Opex modeling. He has significant experience in offering structure assessment, aligning deal structures to achieve stated objectives.
On-demand teams are made up of seasoned operators and investors, custom tailored to the industry and technical challenges of each transaction.
Cloud team backgrounds represent teams from actual client engagements.
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